About us

1) Founded in 1982

Free Bird Enterprise was founded in 1982 after our CEO, Mr. Zhang, had been working in the international footwear trading for 38 years.

Free Bird is now a professional footwear exporter focusing in providing clients with product development, sourcing (materials and final products) and quality inspection services. 

We deal mainly with synthetic and fabric materials. A small portion of our revenue also comes from men's and women’s leather shoes.


2) Main clients in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong

Our clients are primarily footwear wholesalers in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, China and Hong Kong.  

All the footwear we supply is under the clients' own marks/logos. 

70% of our revenues are from Japan. Based on their domestic market demands, we have enriched our footwear expertise in supplying quality men’s and women’s casual shoes, boots, sandals and slippers for the Japanese market.

For the other markets, we export mostly teenage and small kids’ school shoes and casual shoes to Singapore and adult slippers to Hong Kong.


3) Operation office in Taipei and QC team in southern China

Throughout the years, we have accumulated an extensive and solid manufacturing network in China (in four provinces depending on different footwear types, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shandong) and Taiwan. Our operation office is located in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei, and QC team in Fujiang province led by an experienced Taiwanese supervisor.


4) Our mission

We would like to utilize our assets and extend our quality services to more clients around the world.

Copies of brief price lists are available in PDF format. Please contact us at freebird@hibox.hinet.net for any further information.