Utilize our strengths to grow your business

1)     Rich industry expertise -> shortened product launch time for you

Our rich industry network enables us allocate quickly an ideal footwear manufacturer within our existing network in either Taiwan or China for your desired specific footwear types.

Thanks to our long-time reputation in the footwear industry, our requests will be treated as first priority at the factories. It helps with the sample development and production stage. This is helpful for you, because it will shorten your products’ time-to-market.


2)   Well-informed of the market trend and latest production techniques -> new functions and new styles of shoes for you to enter a new market 

Our founder has 50 years of footwear experiences and expertise. 80% of our staff has been with us for more than 20 years. We are well-informed of the latest production techniques, that means by working with us, you will be on the lead to bring in new footwear products to your country.


3)   Insights for the manufacturing process and problem-shooting expertise -> on-time delivery for you

With our rich experiences, we are able to identify and highlight the key points during manufacturing process in advance in order to prevent potential issues from happening. It allows us to remove unexpected and sudden obstacles quickly and help you receive the goods on-time.


4)    30 years of sourcing experiences with an extensive range of quality shoes at reasonable pricing -> help you increase market share

We constantly keep a good selection of a variety of shoes, incl. men’s casual shoes, men’s sports shoes, men’s boots, men’s sandals, women’s casual shoes, women’s boots, women’s flat shoes, women’s sports shoes, women's high heels and kids’ shoes.

It means you will be able to offer your distribution channels quality shoes at reasonable pricing, it will help you increase your market share.


5)     100% inspection done by in-house QC inspectors -> high profit margin for you

More than 50% of our long-term clients are from Japan where tolerance for defects is zero. We do 100% inspection before shipping your products, this means you will receive 100% quality and sellable items. It is helpful for you because your profit will not be eaten by defective items. We take full responsibility if the defect derives from negligence of our part.


6)     Professional sales team with overseas study and work experiences -> 24-hour reply and effortless communications for you

We have a quality team with overseas study and work experiences in UK, France and Germany. That means we understand your demands and can bring you immediate and professional feedback within the shortest delay.