Frequently asked questions for Free Bird Enterprise

1. I want to start with a low order quantity, is it possible?

Free Bird: Yes, as long as we can allocate suitable last and tooling for the outsole, and the order   quantity for the materials allows it, it’s possible to start at low quantity.

Laser-cutting is another option. We will see its feasibility upon receipt of your design.

A kind reminder for start-ups is that the volume weight is much more important than the actual weight of the shoes because of the packaging. Be sure that you inquire about the shipping costs from Taiwan to your destination country at the same time. This will help you include all the costs in your calcuation to get ready for selling shoes in your country.


2. Where are your shoes made?

Free Bird: Our shoes are either made in Taiwan or China, depending on the styles and order quantity.


3. Does your factories follow the labor law, such as forbidance of using child labor?

Free Bird: Yes, our partner factories follow the local labor regulations be they in China or Taiwan.


4. Do you do synthetic or leather shoes?

Free Bird: we do mostly synthetic (PU) shoes. We also deal with leather shoes made in Taiwan. 


5. What types of footwear do you deal with?

Free Bird: We have developped an extensive range of footwear types through out the 30 years of focusing on footwear export, incl. women's flats, high-heels, boots, sandals, sports shoes, men's sandals, slippers, boots, casual shoes, sports shoes and kids' shoes. 

Among the different shoe types, more than 50% of our revenue in 2011 came from exporting men's casual shoes, boots and women's sandals and casual shoes.


6. How do I get a quotation for my own design?

Free Bird: Making a quotation based on a sample is the most accurate way. We can also do a ball-park estimate based on the clients' design drawings and desired materials for main parts of the shoes. Send your quotation request to We will get back to you within 24 hours if not sooner.


7. What is your size range?

Free Bird:  For women, we do the regular Japanese size range from 22.5 to 24.5,  that is the size 35 to 39 in European size, size 5~8.5 in American size. For certain women's shoe styles, the size is up to 41. We are continuously looking for a wide size range to accomodate our clients' requests.

For men, we do the regular Japanese size from 25.5~29.5. That is, size 40~45 in European size and 7.5~11.5 in American size.


8. Can I put my own logo on the shoes?

Free Bird: Yes, definitely. We produce for our clients, who are footwear wholesalers in their own countries.  The clients sell shoes under their own brand.


9. How do you deal with defective items?

Free Bird: Defective items are rare to us. We went through a careful quality inspection procedure before sending the goods to our clients. However, if it did happen, we would investiage the root cause and send replacement to you at the same time.


Fee free to write to us at for any further questions.